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10(00) puzzles with 1000 pieces

If you really want to relax and unwind your eyes from the screen, you should get one of these puzzles.
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1.  Outer Space

Anyone who wants to dive into a puzzle and escape the real world will like this image. With the outer space puzzle you will dive into completely different worlds and discover new planets.

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Price: £9.30

2. The Secret Garden

With animals you can't really go wrong. This captivating photo resembles a class photo from the bird class and makes it quite easy for the puzzler to find the right colors.

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Price: £11.24

3. An Evening In Paris

A romantic night in Paris. Everyone dreams about that. Now you can puzzle your dream location and while doing so fantasize about this perfect night. Enjoy.

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Price: £8.50

4. Van Gogh

For those who like to hang their finished puzzle on the wall. The famous VanGogh Motif is particularly tricky, but the more beautiful to look at.

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Price: £8.75

5. Minions

You think all minions look the same. Not true. All Minions are tiny individuals who want to be recognized by you. With the puzzle, you will get a step closer to true minion knowledge.

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Price: £7.50

6. Disney Puzzle

Everyone loves Disney, whether older or younger. This puzzle features not only your favorite characters from the drawing films, it is also still in panoramic format.

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Price: £8.39

7. Where's Wally?

You know the thrill. Stare on the picture and find Wally. With this puzzle the game slightly changes: find Waldo and puzzle him his hiding place.

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8. Cookies & Classics

This magical bookcase is a particularly good motif because of its enormous detail infatuation. Find the books you want to read, and those who you can put in the back.

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Price: £11.99

9. Antique World Map

The antique world map is a particularly heavy motif, as the color selection is somewhat sparse. Fortunately you can get some help from the countries and oceans.

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Price: £10.46

10. San Francisco

San Francisco. What a great city! There are only a few major cities that are better suited for a puzzle. After you have inserted the last puzzle piece you can start planning the next holiday right away.

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Price: £12.95

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