10 coffee table books you need on your coffee table

The so-called "coffee table book" is a book on your coffee table or kitchen table and entertains your visitors as much as you. Here are ten books that you should immediatley get.
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1. Chanel : collections and Creations

In the book "Chanel: Collections and Creations" the five key elements of fashion are analyzed: the suit, the camellia, jewelry, makeup and perfume. The book is worthwhile possessing and has a lot to explore.

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2. BANKSY: Wall and Piece

Banksy is one of the most discussed about artists of our time. With its graffiti and art installations, he has earned a reputation around the world but still remains anonymous and mysterious.

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3. Explore. Dream. Discover.

The Coffee Table Book by GROH is particularly distinguished by its typographic design. An aesthetic eye candy full of inspiring quotes of great people that make you think.

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4. What If?

What If? plays with absurd scenarios and talks about the major issues facing humanity. What happens if x and take place? This book is as entertaining as thoughtful and a great source for conversation topics with your friends.

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5. 1000 Record Covers

"1000 Record Covers" is documenting the last decades of music history with the best, most provocative, most beautiful and interesting album covers of our time. A must-have for all music lovers!

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6. National Geographic Rarely Seen

"National Geographic Rarely Seen" shows the wonders of the world. It is a photo book of impressive nature and world wonders from around the world.

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7. London. Portrait of a City

This guide to London shows a beautiful and impressive portrait of the great city of London. The capital seen in different points of views and shown with beautiful photography.

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8. Too Cute To Handle

"Too cute to handle" definitely delivers what the title promises. You can never get enough of photos with sleeping cats. And your visitors won't either.

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9. Coffee Table Book

This Coffee Table Book claims to be "The Fastest Way to Show Your Friends You're a Witty, Clever Person and Improve Your Already Wonderful Mind." Get on it!

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10. Humans of New York

"Humans of New York" is a very popular blog on the Internet. The photographer Brandon Stanton has been portraying his fellow citizens for years on the streets of New York. The book is a collection of the most interesting personalities who have run across his path.

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