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13 things you need to start yoga

Yoga is pure balm for your body and your soul. It's time for you to become a yogi.
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1.  Yoga Mat

Yoga isn't getting more and more popular for no reason. Once you begin, you will not be able to stop it. But first of all you need a yoga mat. Pick from your favorite color and let's start!

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Price: £44.99

2. Yoga For Beginners

For beginners it makes sense to go to a yoga studio first. That way the teachers can explain the main exercises and all the great ideas of yoga. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to continue your practice at home. So you have time to find out what feels good for you.

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Price: £9.82

3. Yoga Mat Towel

Especially at the beginning of your practice, it can get sweaty. After all you train your deep muscles and strengthen your body intensively. Do not think, yoga is solely breathing and chilling. It is hard work.

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Price: £24.99

4. Yoga Sports Bra

To be able to do your best yoga workout you need clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you wear something too tight or even a bra that doesn't fit quite right, it will be hard to stay relaxed.

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Price: £9.25

5. Yoga shirt

Yoga is not only a great excersise it also allows you to go shopping and get suitable clothes. Nothing is more comfortable and feels as good as the smooth yoga clothes. The fabric is soft and loving on your skin. You probably won't wann take your yoga outfit off.

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Price: £9.99

6. Yoga Harem Pants

The best thing about the yoga workout is the comfort. No tight clothes, no hard exercises, no one who yelly at you. The same goes for the pants.

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7. Yoga Block

Especially in the beginning a yoga block is more than helpful. Many exercises require a degree of elasticity and stretching that you will only reach after a while. With the yoga block you can accomplish that faster, but you can also use it for more professional exercises.

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Price: £8.99

8. Yoga Elastic Band

The yoga elastic band is another tool that will help you fly. Stretching is the most important when it comes to yoga and will make you suddenly realize how tense your whole body is.

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Price: £2.47

9. Yoga Set / Kit

If you want to buy it all at once, you can buy this starter kit. It consists of a yoga mat in pink, a yoga block and a yoga strap. That is all you need.

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Price: £14.95

10. Natural Rubber Mat Wash

As already mentioned Yoga will make you sweat. Especially in the beginning it can be quite intense. So it is important to wash your yoga mat regularly. This Manduka spray will make it easy for you and moreover remains environmentally friendly.

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Price: £10.00

11. The Definitive Guide To Yoga In Everyday Life

Once you are hooked with yoga, you will not want to stop it. Luckily you can include Yoga easily in your everyday life. No matter where you are you can always practice. This book shows you how to do it.

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Price: £3.53

12. Chill Yoga Music

Especially when you try to do your yoga practice at home, the right music is very essential. Once you've pressed play, the yoga session can begin.

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Price: £7.99

13. Yoga tea

Before or after your yoga sessions it is always nice to drink a warm tea. Tea is at least as healthy as yoga and will be the perfect addition for your practice.

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Price: £6.70

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