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14 camping products that make your life easier

Everyone who loves camping knows that it can sometimes get complicated. With these 17 camping products your life will be easier.
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1. Hammock

Those who like to go camping, know how to relax. A hammock for two persons is the ideal companion for the camping trip, not only because no one has to fight for their spot in the mat.

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Price: £16.99

2. Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

A good night's sleep is important when going camping. Most people who do not like camping, had a bad experience in the tent. This self-inflating air mattress takes all the hard work from you and promises a good snooze.

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Price: £11.99

3. Inflatable Solar Lantern

In nature there are no street lights and no power outlets. So it's important to pack enough light. This inflatable solar lantern can be charged during the day and used at night.

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Price: £19.99

4. Magnesium starter

Not everyone knows how to start a fire. If you do not have enough have patience rub some stones together for hours, you should get the Magnesium starter Army that will make your life easier.

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Price: £4.95

5. Water filter

Drinking water is important, no matter where you are. In nature you can find pure water sources, but if you're not sure whether the water needs to be filtered, this bottle with an enclosed filter is just right.

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Price: £79.99

6. Good socks

The most important thing when going camping is to have warm feet. Therefore, the right socks are very important. If you buy a pair of good socks you have nothing to worry about.

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Price: £18.02

7.  TraiLogic Tent

One annoying thing may be setting up your tent. For some it is part of the ritual, others are simply too lazy after a march through the bushes. Either way this tent will make everything simple.

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8. Coffee Maker

A coffee in the morning will start your day right. But coffee filters produce a lot of waste and no one needs rubbish in nature. A reusable coffee filter is the way to go.

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Price: £8.48

9. Camp Dutch Oven

Not only drinking coffee keeps the the mood up, also a real snack contributes to the well-being. As you can rarely find good restaurants in the area, you have to help yourself. A toaster is the first step to your gourmet meal.

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Price: £99.99

10. Hand & Body Warmer

If it gets cold at night, the Hand & Body Warmer is the ideal companion. Not only light in weight and compact in size, you will not believe how much heat the oval warmers holds inside.

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Price: £59.95

11. Specialty Knive

Everyone who owns a pocket knife, knows how to help himself. Whether you want to kill an animal, cut your nails or get rid of a knot in the tent, that pocket knife is your best friend.

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12. Flash Cooking System

You won't only need warm water for your coffee but also for your canned ravioli, your mulled wine and your gourmet dinners. A camping stove is therefore as essential as a tent on a camping trip. Do not forget it.

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Price: £105.00

13. Egg Holder

Eggs, we need eggs. So if you want a breakfast egg in the morning, this egg holder can help you transport your eggs safely to your camping spot.

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Price: £3.13

14. Headlamp

Who wants to hold a light bulb in the hand all day long? The headlamp is much more handy, especially at night walks, when cooking or at any activities that require hands.

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Price: £5.50

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