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15 Amazon items, that should be in your basket

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Amazon is a paradise for shopping. These items should go into your basket right away.
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1. "Whatever, I'm late anyway" watch

Everyone has that one friend that is always too late. Or maybe you are this friend. Then this funny clock will help you as much as a real clock. Only that this one will put a smile on your face.

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Price: £2.99

2. Gigantic 6 Feet Long Floating Pizza Slize

Summer is finally here and you deserve to relax with an air mattress on the lake. The pizza shaped air mattress will make this even more fun.

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Price: £28.50

3. Unicorn Shower Cap

Who says you can't have fun in the shower? Nobody says that. While you're singing your favorite song and sound as a unique as a unicorn, you might as well just look like one.

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Price: £4.99

4. Japanese Junk Food Snack

Forget the candy store from your childhood. Amazon is a gold mine for groovy sweets. Especially Japanese goodies can be ordered easily from here.

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Price: £25.00

5. Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cap

Did you already get Pokemon Go? Whether you did or you didn't, with this cap you will certainly become a trendsetter in your city. Pikachu, go!

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Price: £4.89

6. Cotton candy machine

You don't have to go to Oktoberfest in order to eat cotton candy. You can simply buy a cotton candy machine on Amazon. After all this is the great thing about adulthood. Buy whatever you want, eat whatever you want.

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Price: £33.66

7. Inflatable Swimming pretzel

Is the Pizza mattress a bit too much for you? No problem. You can easily buy the pretzel modell as an alternative.

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Price: £23.99

8. Retro Popcornmaker

Is cotton candy too sweet for you? Then just celebrate adulthood with a popcorn machine. It can make salty popcorn as well.

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9. Ginger Chews

Another top seller on Amazon is Gin Gin. These are not candies that taste like gin and tonic, but snacks that taste like the healthy ginger root.

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Price: £1.85

10. The Ultimate Neti Pot

Although netu pots look stupid, they are working wonders. Everyone who ever used one knows that. Get it and you'll love them.

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Price: £11.00

11. Waterproof Bike Lights Set

If you are afraid your bike lights will be stolen when you lock your bike, you can bring these easily removable clip-on lights. They are even waterproof.

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Price: £6.99

12. Chocolate USB Flash Drive

The chocolate bar USB flash drive could put you in confusion, so it is only logical to always have a real chocolate bars with you.

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Price: £6.70

13. Kindle

The Kindle is Amazon's very own product and a complete success. Especially travelers and lazy people swear on the book replacement.

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Price: £109.99

14. LED Real Wax Candles

There is nothing better than candlelight. With the LED Real Wax Candles you can even change the color and operate them easily from your bed.

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Price: £10.99

15. Robotic vacuum cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner takes over all the your annoying cleaning work at home. The future can sometimes be so great.

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Price: £94.30

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