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20 fashion must-haves for this autumn 2016

The summer is almost over and autumn is close. Finally a valid reason to get a new wardrobe. Here are the 20 fashion must-haves for the season.
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1.  Plain Sun Hat

It is already autumn, but that does not mean that the sun will disappear completely. With a sun hat you can not only protect yourself from the sun, you will also look fabulously.

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Price: £48.99

2.  Trench coat

The trench coat is an absolute classic and definitely a must-have for every autumn season. Therefore, the trench is a perfect investment if you would like to treat yourself with some expensive piece.

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3. Floral Skirt

A skirt with a floral print evokes not only the beautiful memories of the past summer, it also holds up the mood. This season especially a transparent skirt with floral print is very popular.

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Price: £85.00

4. Ankle Boots

The ankle boots are just like the trench coat an eternal classic. With them you don't only look elegant or cool, they are also universally applicable and suitable for absolutely any occasion.

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Price: £130.08

5.  Chino Jeans

Although skinny jeans are still here, they are slowly but surely losing its supremacy to the chino jeans. It is similar to the loone pants, but not as long and with a slightly wider cut. Get it!

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Price: £225.00

6. Tennis skirt

The tennis skirt hasn't been around for a long time and now finally celebrates a comeback. Especially if you combine it with a couple of sneakers, for example Adidas Stan Smith or the trendy Pumas, the tennis skirt looks better than ever.

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Price: £79.12

7. Turtleneck

The turtleneck is the most important must-have for this fall and will continue its trend in winter. Isn't it beautiful when something warm and practical is in trend?

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8. Puma Sneaker

Puma is the latest sneaker brand alongside Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Reebok that has to be in your closet. We have waited a long time for the comeback of this shoe and now it is thanks to Rihanna finally here.

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Price: £36.99

9. Backpack Handbag

Put your purse aside this autumn and rather get yourself a stylish backpack. This is not only incredibly convenient, it also looks pretty cool.

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10. Badge Jeans

The Rock'n' Roll is back! You can either create your own badge jeans, you can buy a new one or simply dig the old pants from your wild teenager years out of the closet.

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11. Loafers

Slipper were on trend last year and will continue to be a fashion statement in this season. Elegant, practical and casual at the same time, we cannot give up such a shoe so quickly.

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12. Culotte

The culotte is especially handy in autumn, but even in summer a real catch. Especially when you combine the comfortable pants with a sweater, you look like you've just fallen of the Parisian catwalk.

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13. Champion Sweatshirt

Champion is currently the hottest brand in the streetwear world. So it's about time to finally get a comfortable sweater. It is also available with a hood which will rescue you through some rainy days.

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14. Parka

A Parka — who would have thought? Although it hasn't been seen as frequently in recent seasons, the parka is now back and can be seen again on the streets of the metropols. Everyone needs a parka!

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Price: £217.86

15. Rihanna x Puma Slippers

The main shoes for your rainy beauty days! Rihanna has teamed up with Puma and designed the Fenty collection. The most sought-after piece ist the Adilette-kinda,fluffy slippers. Also available in pink.

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16. Colourful watch

A colorful watch can steer the whole outfit in a different direction and be a real eye-catcher. Especially when you are into rather muted colors, it is a nice accessory.

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Price: £75.00

17. Pink cap

A pink Cap is an absolute must-have right now, especially in the younger generation. But have no fear, even adults are allowed enjoy the pleasures of a pink cap. This fall it is finally allowed!

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18. Bomber jacket

If you've still have not purchased a bomber jacket, the time has now come. The bomber jacket must not look necessarily sacky anymore, now there are also elegant variations.

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Price: £33.84

19. Autumn dress

The autumn dress is as important as the autumn skirt and the autumn hat. The combination possibilities are endless: patterned tights, cool sneakers or elegant boots. The style can be varied every day.

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Price: £219.00

20. Jumpsuit

In the fashion capitals of the world the jumpsuit is already a safe companion of every lady. Now this season, it also comes to Europe. Especially combined with a turtleneck or a simple shirt, it is a real eye catcher.

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Price: £12.18

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