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20 things, every TV show junkie needs in their life

You love 'Friends', 'Gilmore Girls' or 'Seinfeld‘? Well, then you need these things in your life. They will make you happier.
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1. The Peephole Frame from 'Friends‘

Paint your door purple, put this frame on your peephole and you will feel like you live in Monica's apartment . Insiders of the series will recognize the homage immediately and everyone else will enjoy your beautiful new door.

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Price: £40.00

2. Central Perk Mug from Friends

Half of Rachel's, Monica's, Phoebe's, Chandler's , Ross' and Joey's life events happened here: in the Central Perk Café. Even in the very last scene of the series they managed to put in a reference to the beloved Café.

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Price: £4.75

3. Luke's Diner Pillow

Similar to the Central Perk in Friends, Luke's Diner functioned as a go-to place in Stars Hollow, where the Gilmore Girls live. Not only because Lorelai and Rory are coffee-addicted , but also because the owner Luke is an important part of the Gilmore girls life.

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Price: £15.99

4. Team Shirt for Gilmore Girls

Who is a fan of the Gilmore Girls has probably already decided: Team Logan , Team Jess or Dean Team ? Rory has had various admirers throughout the show and her fans often only love one of them. With a matching shirt you can now express which team you're on.

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Price: £13.00

5. Yale Hoodie from Gilmore Girls

Her whole childhoof Rory dreamed of going to Harvard. She often wears a sweater of the elite school while in high school. But then she throws all her plans over board and decides to go to Yale . A decision that will shape her life significantly .

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Price: £34.99

6. Kramer Painting from Seinfeld

In an early season of Seinfeld Jerry's girlfriend paints a picture of Kramer. Of course, the couple separates in the same episode because of some ridiculous little thing, but her paintings of Kramer encounters much interest and is eventually sold expensive.

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Price: £7.99

7. George Poster from Seinfeld

In case you are more of a George Costanza fan and not a Kramer lover, you will enjoy this poster even more. The Timeless Art of Seduction is something that George is practicing not only in this image but in every single episode of Seinfeld .

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Price: £7.99

8. Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has quickly become an absolute cult show and has been so successful not only because of the complex plots . The restaurant chain of Los Pollos Hermanos serves as a drug transit for one of the drug lords , that Jesse and Walter will defeat in the end.

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Price: £2.00

9. Michael Scott's Fun Run Race Shirt from The Office

The Office is the only international successful tv show franchise. It was successfully launched in many different countries over the world and is especially in the UK and the US a much loved show.

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Price: £12.20

10. Parks and Recreation Lil Sebastian Shirt

Who wouldn't want to meet Lil Sebastian? At the legendary Harvest Festival in Pawnee the cast of the show finally have the chance and the result is a legendary moment for all of them.

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Price: £13.99

11. Bojack Horseman Trippping Balls Shirt

Bojack Horseman balances elegantly between honest sadness and banal humor. Since the horse is usually high in every moment of life, this sweater is a perfect tribute to the show and the great trailer.

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Price: £21.90

12. How to Archer Guide from Archer

Do you wanna be like Archer ? No? But do you want to have the ultimate guide to espionage , style , women and cocktails ? Then you want to be like Archer . After all no one knows better about these subjects better than he does — even if it is by accident.

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Price: £3.58

13. The Big Bang Theory Lego

The crew from the Big Bang Theory is legendary . Their favorite venue for evening and weekend hangs is the living room of Leonard and Sheldon . In this Lego set you can find your favorite characters right there .

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Price: £36.95

14. Fargo Print from Fargo

At the beginning of Fargo, be it the film or the series , a small teaser is always shown " All the events occured are based on a true story " . For those who do not know this: that's not true . Everything is made up . Still that doesn't make the story any less moving.

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Price: £7.99

15. Magic Cube Tissue Box from The Big Bang Theory

The nerds of the Big Bang Theory try every opportunity to solve a tricky puzzle. Althought the Rubik's Cube is not a problem for them , women however can often make them cry. This tissue box is therefore perfect.

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Price: £16.95

16. The Douchebag Jar from New Girl

The Douchebag Jar from New Girl has its first appearance in the very first episode. From then on every member of the shared house has to put a dollar in it, when they say something douchey. You need this in your life.

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Price: £43.24

17. Barney Stinson's Ducky Tie from How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson was wearing this tie in How I Met Your Mother for months , just to prove a point . Barney is simply passionate and especially persistent. When you wear this tie yourself, you're sharing Barney's pain with him.

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Price: £6.99

18. The Bro Code from How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson invented it and now it is almost universal. The Bro Code tells you exactly what is accepted as a Bro and what is not . Be a good Bro and follow the Code .

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Price: £2.48

19. The soundtrack of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the latest hit by Netflix and is praised endlessly by everyone. Especially the soundtrack was very popular and so it makes sense to have the Original Music Volume One at home.

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Price: £10.95

20. Homer Slippers from The Simpsons

Every tv show junkie needs an accessory from the Simpsons . This is an unwritten law ! These slippers stare at you every time , when you put your foot in his mouth.

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Price: £14.99

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