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10 books for the moderne cuisine

Cooking is no longer just the art of the housewife. Cooking is the art of the modern millennium. With these cookbooks you can be a hero.
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1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is an icon like a pop superstar. His recipes are cooked all over the world. With the Jamie Superfood cookbook everything in the kitchen will become awesome, healthy and happy - including you.

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Price: £8.29

2. Cooking for the Sensitive Gut

With this book, you can cook so healthy that your body will give you a high five afterwards. Especially the sensitive gut will be happy and healthy after every meal.

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Price: £8.47

3. Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen

If you want to cook something more exotic, you can turn to Peruvian cuisine. Especially Ceviche, a fish dish, is very popular there and easy to reproduce.

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Price: £17.60

4. Origin

Ben Shewry is one of Australia's most famous chefs. It is particularly important for him to cook sustainably and deliciously. With this cookbook he shows you how to do it.

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Price: £45.33

5. Simplissime Light The Easiest Cookbook in the World

If you want to cook well, you do not always need 100 ingredients and fancy recipes. There is also an easy and fast way. The cookbook Simplissime claims to be the simplest cookbook in the world. 6 ingredients per dish.

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Price: £20.00

6. The Caribbean, Central & South American cookbook

Modern and international dishes are absolutely trendy. The South American cuisine also has a lot to offer and with these instructions you will get the possibility to become a part of the trend.

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Price: £8.43

7. The Street Food Cook Book

Streetfood is no longer what it once was. It is no longer only about fast and practical. It is also about healthy and delicious. The Streetfood kitchen is therefore constantly being reinvented.

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Price: £4.15

8. Vegan Bistro Recipes

Vegan food is not a trend, vegan food is a life style. This is the perfect book for beginners and gurus.

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Price: £6.18

9. Soup Bar

Soups are underestimated by many people, although they are so versatile and delicious as few other dishes. The Soup Bar Cookbook covers the range of soups very well.

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10. The Indian Cookery

The Indian cuisine is popular in every city. However, we usually go out to enjoy the delicious dishes. This cookbook shows you how to stay at home while still enjoying indian food.

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Price: £7.99

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