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18 pieces of jewellery to give away

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. But other jewelery too is very welcome. These 18 pieces are perfect for giving away.
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1. Joop! Women's Stainless Steel Bracelet

A bracelet is not a bracelet. With this superb piece of Joop! you have several bracelets in one. That speaks not only for the quality but also for the look.

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Price: £135.32

2. s.Oliver Unisex Analogue Watch

This watch from s.Oliver is elegant and sophisticated at the same time and looks good on the women's wrist as well as on the men's arm. A perfect gift for a couple or impenetrable.

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Price: £26.56

3. Fossil Women's Bracelet

A simple bracelet can always be worn, anytime, everyday. If you give such an accessory as a present you can be sure to always be by their side.

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Price: £39.00

4. Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Infinity Stud Earrings

The 8 stands for infinity and is therefore a wonderful symbol to show to your friend or partner how much you value them. The gift lasts for eternity.

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Price: £125.00

5. Black Onyx Minimalist Aria Stud Earrings

Earrings can be a difficult task if it comes to a gift. But you can also take the easy way and go with these earrings. Black, simple, elegant.

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Price: £125.00

6. Uncommon Matters Women's Single Corner Ring Size

If you want something more playful, the uncommon matters ring is a good choice. Not only the shape, but also the color is a highlight.

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Price: £55.00

7. Uncommon Matters Big Spiral Ring

This uncommon matters ring is somehow more extravagant. It plays with the black-gold-contrast just as much as with the ring attachment consisting of rings. What an eyecatcher.

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Price: £135.00

8. Pandora Charm

This Pandora Charm pendant does not even have to be wrapped in gift wrapping. It comes as a gift itself. A tasteful and loving addition for the chain.

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Price: £33.40

9. Ted Baker Eisley Button Earrings

Namedropping on a whole new level. With these Ted Baker earrings it is guaranteed that the brand name is almost tattooed in your face. In addition, you will not only give away jewelry, but also kisses. Xx

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Price: £26.61

10. Ice Lolly Necklace

There are few things in the world that are better than ice cream. Jewelry may be one of them. If you give away this fun ice cream necklace, you can put a voucher for an ice cream on top of it.

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Price: £10.99

11. Dachshund Cufflinks

Let's stay with the fun accessories for a bit. Cufflinks are useful and subtle and are needed by every adult man. Why not a dachshund as a motif?

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Price: £25.00

12. Patches

With this gift you can leave the design completely to the lucky person who deserves a present. The patches can be attached to any conceivable garment.

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Price: £4.99

13. Pocket Watch

Is your friend always too late? No problem. With this pocket watch you can not only give a nice gift, but you can also make sure that you do not have to wait any longer.

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Price: £11.99

14. Thomas Sabo Charm

The classic. A Thomas Sabo pendant for the necklace, another piece for the collection. This way you can be sure that you have a suitable gift every year.

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15. BFF Best Bitches Heart Pendant Necklaces

You want to give your best friend a piece of yours and show her or him how much you belong together? This is the perfect gift.

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Price: £3.78

16. Cufflinks

This version of the cuff buttons is somewhat more classic than the dachshund cufflinks. With them, you can never really go wrong.

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Price: £22.99

17. Ring Pop

If you're not sure if you're ready for a ring yet, you can just give a ring pop. That way you get some candy as well.

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Price: £4.00

18. BFF rings

If you don't only have one best friend, but two or you are a trio, these rings are perfect for you. Best Friends Forever.

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Price: £12.71

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