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20 cheerful christmas decorations that will warm up your home

Hohoho, Christmas is coming. Decorate your home with these cheerful items.
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1. #1 Stockings

The Christmas stockings are originated in the American Xmas tradition, but still they are a beautiful idea and above all a very festive decoration. Fill them with some sweets and the whole household will be in a better mood.

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2. #2 Silverware holders

For the festive dinner on the holy evening there can not be enough decoration. After all, it is the most important and intimate evening of the holiday season. With the cutlery holders in a santa costume the turkey, the fish or the raclette tastes even more yummy.

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3. #3 Festive food

But it is not just the way the table is decorated, what will be on the table is essential for a good evening as well. Jamie Oliver has created a cookbook especially for the Christmas season that will delight you with delicious recipes.

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4. #4 Xmas Sweater

After all you are a part of your home as well, even a very important one. That's why you should be decorated too, preferably with a classic Christmas sweater. Cozy and festive at the same time.

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5. #5 A bit of Xmas fun

If you want to have a little fun decorating - whether it's for the house or yourself - you can find plenty of fun Christmas items. This funny Christmas sweater is just one of many examples.

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6. #6 Xmas lights

Light is not only essential for your home, but also for the Christmas story. To get a festive light in your house going, the christmas tree light chain is a perfect option.

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7. #7 Xmas toilet

Speaking of fun: The bathroom can also have a Christmas coating. Often, this part of the house is left out when it comes to decorating, but there is absolutely no reason for that. This toilet cover is the best proof.

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8. #8 DIY

If you do not want to spend too much money on Christmas decorations, you can simply buy this DIY book and take care of your home yourself.

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9. #9 Stress relief with Xmas

The Christmas season is very stressful for many, but it should be the opposite. Those who feel stressed can get this anti-stress Christmas book and get down so festively. It works miracles!

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10. #10 The little things

A more traditional Christmas decoration are ceramic figures. If you can not find them in your grandparent's shelf and sneak them out, there is also the possibility to buy them. It's more moral but less fun.

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11. #11 Window decoration

The house does not only begin inside. Your home should be cheerful and festive from the outside as well. With window stickers you can do that easily and stylishly. It's also a little throwback to the childhood and window color times.

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12. #12 The music

Alright, the house looks nice, now it only has to sound good as well. Who really wants a festive time should get the right soundtrack for @ home. Christmas songs for the most beautiful time of the year.

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13. #13 A Christmas pet

If the dog does not like the Christmas trim or you don't have a dog in the household, you can simply add a Christmas pet. What is better than a shining reindeer?

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14. #14 Snow

The weather is always unpredictable and unfortunately we had too many xmas seasons without snow. If you do not want to rely on it, you can also cheat and cover the windows with snowflakes.

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15. #15 Gingerbread

The Christmas cookies are not for decoration, of course, but that does not mean that you can not hang them on the wall. Especially gingerbread simply looks too gorgeous to just take it in your mouth.

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16. #16 A perfect family portrait

On christmas you want to spend a nice time with the family and you would like to have some nice memories of the evening. For the photos to be more exciting this year, there are the perfect props that will give everyone a smile on their face.

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17. #17 A Glass of Wine

For the right mood, a glass of wine often is essential. If the wine bottle is wrapped in a Christmas costume and served to your loved one, it will only taste better.

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18. #18 A Tree

A Christmas tree does not have to be on the list, since there is hardly a household that does it without. But for less stress with the sweep and a longer durability you can also get a powerful light in Christmas tree shape.

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19. #19 Christmas Tree Balls

In the case of Christmas tree decorations: the more, the better. However, in order for the decoration to match in color, one should choose a style or a color. But fortunately there are the Christmas balls in all possible variations.

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20. #20 Chair Covers

If your family comes to the dining table and you serve the roast, fish or the pizza, it should look festive. In order to be at the top of the game, you can not only decorate the table, but the chairs as well. Merry Christmas!

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