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8 reasons why PUMA is finally back on the streets

The lifestyle brand Puma had many successes in the early 00s. Now the Streetbrand celebrates a comeback with new trends and collaborators.
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1. #1 Rihanna

Probably the biggest coup that Puma has landed and put the brand immediately back on the map and into the hearts is Rihanna, the new brand ambassador, designer and collaborator. Who would not like to wear the same shoes as the pop star?

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2. #2 Suede

The Suede is one of the absolute PUMA classics. Because of its shape and colors, it is not only popular in the skater community but also with the hipster and hip hoper. A classic shoe as timeless as the Adidas superstar.

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3. #3 Fierce

The Puma Fierce is the spacy model of the brand, which is suitable for leisure as well as on the Basketball field and the catwalks of the world. With the shoe you can shine in the freakest colors, anytime and anywhere.

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Price: £66.55

4. #4 Ignite

The Puma Ignite is the shoe that test the functionality and the sporting ability of the brand. With a cushioning system and durable materials, the shoe is perfect for the gym.

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Price: £26.02

5. #5 Socks

Even if there were less and less Puma shoes on the streets of the cities, one thing has never disappeared: the socks of the brand. They are so comfortable and of high quality, that meanwhile probably everybody has a couple in the drawer.

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6. #6 Collaborations

In terms of collaboration, other street brands can look at Puma and learn from them. Not only do they have Rihanna, but the brother of Adidas has numerous high-fashion collabos up and running.

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7. #7 Reptil

The Puma Reptile is another classic that has never disappeared from the market. With its Keds-style, timeless design and the thick sole, it is equally popular with both men and women.

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8. #8 Bombers

Puma, however, does not just celebrate his comeback with shoes. In terms of clothing the brand is jumping on new trends. For example with the very fashionable bomber jackets like the graphic bomber.

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