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9 jeans that you should wear right now

Skinny jeans are not the only jeans that belong to your wardrobe this season.
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1. Flared jeans

Flared pants are finally back again. For a long time it was predicted and only a few really believed in a comeback, but now it is the reality. Flared pants in all shapes, everywhere, even in jeans.

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Price: £84.06

2. 3/4 Flared Jeans

Floodpants can look very stylish when you combine them with the right socks. The same goes for 3/4 pants and especially for the new 3/4 flared pants. Get on it!

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Price: £20.93

3. Badge Jeans

Patches are so 80s? If flared trousers are back from the 90s, of course the rock'n'roll patches from the 80s can be back in fashion. There are no limits to creativity.

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Price: £24.50

4. Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jeans are not new on the list of cool pants. They have been in trend for a while now - and rightfully so.

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Price: £14.90

5. Holes in the jeans

Holes in the pants are as punk as the patches on the jeans. The 80s are back and the black tight jeans with holes should be in your closet from now on.

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Price: £17.49

6. White jeans

White jeans can be complicated to wear, but look amazing. Elegance and simplicity in one.

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Price: £90.00

7. Relaxed Trousers

If you want to feel more comfortable, but still do not want to miss out on your beloved jeans, this season you can rely on the relaxed jeans. Extended cut, extended comfort.

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Price: £139.00

8. Levi's Jeans

The Levi's 501 falls into the category of boyfriend jeans. You can find this special model at every trendy vintage store, but also buy it online again.

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Price: £84.69

9. Blue Jeans

Blue, blue, bluer. The more blue the jeans, the more artificial the color, the more trendy. Buy the blue jeans and combine them wildly. The shape does not matter: skinny, flared, or boyfriend, everything is allowed.

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Price: £10.02

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