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The 16 most interesting albums of '16

Here are 16 albums that caused much excitement in 2016 and should lay under the Christmas tree.
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1. Rihanna "Anti"

Rihanna puts on her crown. She started of strong in the beginning of the year when releasing the new album ANTI. But even at the end of the year her bangers like "Work" with Drake still speak for themselves.

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2. Frank Ocean "Blonde"

It was not just this year that everyone was waiting for this album. Also the year before and the year before that everyone was waiting for it. Therefore the expectations were quite high but Frank Ocean had no problem to live up to them.

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3. Kaytranada "99.9%"

Why always talk about the 1%, if we can also talk about the 99 others. Kaytranada has released a new banger after the last work 0.01% and really convinced everyone (at least 99.9%).

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4. Childish Gambino "Awaken, My Love!"

Awaken, My Love is definitely different than it was expected. The experimental rapper became an experimental funk-soul-fan. Childish Gambino is hereby pleasing both sides.

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5. Travis Scott "Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight"

Travis Scott is the King of Trap, the young hope of America and the favorite colleague of many great rap stars. Also his new album with many collaborations and surprises convinces both fans and experts.

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6. Anohni "Hopelessness"

Anohni was once known as Anthony and the Johnsons and was great at that time. Now, after she became known to her true sex, "Anthony" makes music as Anohni and is better than ever before.

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7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Skeleton Tree"

Skeleton Tree is the first album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since the tragic and fatal accident of Nick Cave's teenage son last year. The unfathomable suffering of the legend is captures pictorially and raw on this record.

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8. Angel Olson "My Woman"

Angel Olson is one of the strongest women in music business. Her voice, her presence, her will to do whatever she wants. Already her last album was celebrated a lot, with My Woman she only surpassed it.

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9. Danny Brown "Atrocity Exhibition"

Danny Brown is known for his angry voice and strong rap lines. On the new album Atrocity Exhibition he mixes different genres and beats together and raps in the usual way over it.

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10. ABRA "Princess"

You just have to love ABRA. This starts with the album cover and goes up to the decent songs. This year she has made a lot of trouble and was given a lot of respect with her solid debut.

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11. Skepta "Konnichiwa"

Grime is back! The movement from London has been alive for a few years, but with this album it is settled once and for all: the scene in the British capital is boiling.

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12. Badbadnotgood "IV"

Badbadnotgood are bringing back the good old jazz. With their album IV they have surpassed themselves once again and delivered the song of the year featuring the Future Island frontman Sam Hering.

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13. Avalanches "Wildflower"

The Avalanches are one of the most important groups of the Australian hip hop scene, perhaps even the Australian music scene. On the new album they bring together the groove, the flow and the samples you want to hear.

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14. DJ Shadow "The Mountain Will Fall"

DJ Shadow knows what's going on. DJ Shadow has the contacts. DJ Shadow produces like a god. The feature album is, of course, a must-hear.

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15. James Blake "The Colour In Anything"

Every year, when James Blake releases an album, he is on the best list of the year. The man is simply a genius of our time, which makes us cry and happy at the same time.

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16. Beyonce "LEMONADE"

Last but not least: Beyonce, the second queen of the list, has put on her crown this year. With Lemonade, she has not only strengthened the Black Lives Matter Community, she also broke numerous commercial records.

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