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The 9 funniest Christmas sweaters

The Christmas sweater is part of the tradition. Luckily they are becoming more and more creative - and funny.
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1. Funny Xmas Couple Tshirts

Let's start with the highlight right away. If your family wants you to dress up for Christmas, but you only hang out on the internet, this is the perfect sweater for you.

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Price: £18.99

2. Drake Sweater

Drake got a lot of attention with his song "Hotline Bling", but still more with his hotline dance. Now, with this iconic move, he decorates the Christmas pulls of this world. It can hardly be more festive.

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Price: £6.51

3. Straight to the pub

A contemplative time with the family? This is certainly not the reality for most. That is why many often end up in the pub immediately after gifts were given. This sweater helps put a smile on.

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Price: £8.99

4. Sophisticated Elk

This sophisticated elk knows exactly what your grandfather wants to tell you and, incidentally, what your grandfather looks like. The fact that he also wears a Christmas sweater belongs definitely in the category "Mindblow".

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Price: £17.99

5. Jesus birthday

What do we celebrate again at Christmas? Exactly, the birthday of Jesus. Put on the party hat and let's party like it's your birthday, shorty.

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Price: £19.00

6. Make Christmas Great Again

Donald Trump is the most discussed man of the year, that's for sure. To start the discussion at the Christmas table, this Christmas Pulli will certainly help.

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Price: £25.95

7. Sprout Christmas

For all those who love sprout just as much as Christmas, and for those who hate Christmas just as much as Rosenkohl - here is your Christmas outfit!

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Price: £15.95

8. Real life Christmas tree

Who needs a Christmas tree if you can be a Christmas tree yourself? With this sweater you are at least as cheerfully decorated as the star in the living room. Steal the show!

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Price: £26.99

9. Will Smith wishes you a Merry Xmas

Will Smith is celebrating Christmas with your family this year. Get the DVD player out, throw in your favorite "Prince of Bel Air" season and have a reflective evening.

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Price: £18.99

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